Dr Yseult Freeney

Yseult Freeney a Lecturer in Organisational Psychology in Dublin City University Business School in Ireland and completed her PhD in Psychology in University College Dublin as a Scholar. She is particularly interested in work engagement, the creation of positive, fulfilling work experiences and the management of engagement and well-being through transitions in people’s lives.

Yseult was awarded an IRCHSS Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in 2009 to continue her work in the area of work engagement in Trinity College Dublin. Yseult has extensive experience in leading cutting edge healthcare research. For almost a decade, her work has focused on the practice environment of nurses and midwives, most recently leading an investigation of work engagement in the Dublin maternity hospitals.

Her work has also included a large scale study of junior physicians’ experiences of work and professional training. In line with her expertise in the area, Yseult acts as a regular reviewer for the top ranked International Journal of Nursing Studies. Yseult Freeney’s publications to date include Human Relations, International Journal of Nursing Studies, Learning and Individual Differences, and the British Educational Research Journal. Most recently, Yseult has taken on the role of Co-Editor of the Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management-Organisational Behaviour Volume, an internationally renowned source of state-of-the-art knowledge on the subject. Finally, Yseult has most recently been awarded a regional teaching fellowship.

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