Workshop C – The Cognitive Science Workshop for Public Speaking

This workshop will equip you with smart skills for confidence and competency for any kind of speaking occasion – from work meetings or training sessions, to pitching to clients, to making a speech, to giving a presentation, or even to making TV or radio media appearances…This workshop is NOT about style or performance and how to hold yourself, what tone to use, where to put your hands, what to wear, or how to avoid death by powerpoint content…it is practical and effective (and fun) training, to teach participants the cognitive science of how and why we think and feel and behave the way we do. This training is preventative, and curative, and designed to prevent public speaking anxiety. You will learn how to:
· Apply practical self-management methods and techniques using best practice worksheets & mental tasks for psycho-social stress.

· Understand & exploit the benefits of rational thinking skills through the psycho-educational model of CBT

· Change the way we think and feel and behave when it comes to social performances, so we can communicate in public with confidence.

Location: WORKSHOPS Date: May 10, 2016 Time: - VERONICA WALSH