Operation Dedication- Finding Passion for Your Role & Commitment to Your Career

For more than a decade, Kathryn Thomas has steadily climbed her way up Ireland’s broadcasting ladder and she has been blessed with some of the country’s most enviable presenting jobs. Inspired by the people she met through her role on RTE’s Operation Transformation, and after her own transformational fitness holiday in Spain, Kathryn set up Pure Results Bootcamp in spring 2015. She will give us an insight into the ‘biggest learning curve’ she has ever been on and will explain why she feels that having a sense of purpose in what you do, and having a passion for your role is key to success. Explore:

  • Self-belief, perseverance and encouraging words.
  • Knowing the difference between recklessness and calculated risk-taking
  • Defining bravery
  • Highs and lows – and Kathryn’s admiration for women in business

Location: CONFERENCE SESSION Date: May 9, 2016 Time: 11.30 - 12.00 KATHRYN THOMAS