Mind Mapping & Visual Note Taking Techniques

Mind Mapping and Visual Note Taking are the ultimate brain tools for any task that requires you to gather, learn, organise, store and recall information. It is a particularly useful technique used for brilliant note-taking, or to prepare for business meetings, interviews, public speaking and presentations. Veronica will teach the skills necessary to mind map the ‘old school’ way, or to apply the learning effectively and optimally to mind map software on a desktop/laptop/mobile device app. Discover:
· a more natural and efficient way of organising and storing information in your brain

· techniques that enable more efficient recall and retrieval of information from your brain

· an efficient way to map and gather business or research data

Veronica Walsh, Specialist Cognitive Science Therapist
Founder, CBT and Feeling Good

Location: CONFERENCE SESSION Date: May 9, 2016 Time: - VERONICA WALSH