Mastering the Digital Transformation with the Right Toolbox & Attitude The Future of Work: Are you ready?

Do you want to position yourself well for future opportunities, increase your visibility, act more strategically in your organisation, network with a purpose and also have your own career development in mind? Then, the Digital Age is the right podium for you.

The Digital Transformation brings incredible potential for Office Professionals. Today, it is more important than ever to sharpen the profile of our profession. New Work means networking and makes it easy to be visible at all levels. This requires innovative and agile Assistants who not only have the courage but also the openness for the trends of the future. Diana Brandl describes herself as Digital Native and has recently worked in the start-up world, where she rediscovered her role as a management assistant within the New Work Generation. She teaches first-hand what it means to work with Millennial Managers and how important storytelling is in sharpening a profile.

In her session, Diana will give insights on:

  •    Artificial intelligence versus Human intelligence: Are Alexa, Siri & Co. future colleagues or competitors?
  •    Millennials: Meet the new manager generation and their leadership style
  •     Self-Marketing and Personal Branding: How to become visible and build your brand in the digital transformation age.

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Dublin Date: May 17, 2018 Time: TBA - Diana Brandl


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