It’s All in Your Head! How to Make Positive Changes that can Transform Your Life – starting NOW

Your thoughts create your reality. Read that again and let it sink in –
Your -Thoughts – Create – Your – Reality – therefore thinking positive thoughts will create a positive reality. Although this is easy to comprehend, putting it into practice requires perseverance and daily commitment – but the results are remarkably life-changing. Elizabeth Whelan’s passion lies in giving her clients a zest for life and a drive for self-improvement. In this energetic session, you will learn the best techniques to rewire your thinking and your brain to think only positive thoughts. Elizabeth will also cover:
-Ways to bring balance and harmony into the 8 essential areas of your life
-Understanding that by deleting negative self- talk, you can manifest the career and life you want
-Simple, time-efficient movements that can energise you daily

Location: CONFERENCE SESSION Date: May 22, 2017 Time: 9.10 - 9.50 Elizabeth Whelan