Dream, Believe – Put the Work In! – & Achieve

As a health and wellness coach, Alison Canavan enables her clients to live more authentically every day. Her work helps people to overcome daily struggles and gives them back their sense of wellbeing, which in turn helps their feelings of satisfaction, their productivity and positive achievement of goals, in their career and in life.

Due to Alison’s expertise in the area of mindfulness, meditation and life coaching – (she is currently studying a Masters in Mindfulness & NLP at UCLA) – she has devised a number of workshops, programmes and unique techniques that can be applied in small steps, every day – to help people live better, happier and more fulfilled lives. We are delighted to have Alison join us at this year’s Executive PA Forum, where she will explore:

-The life-changing benefits of practising gratitude, mindfulness and meditation daily

-Tips to instantly boost your mood, refresh yourself, and stay focussed at work

-Why unplugging from technology throughout your day is vital for your productivity

-Overcoming negative self-talk for successful outcomes and achievement of your goals

-The energy of money, its affects on our stress levels and what is within our power to control

This session will be energetic, vibrant, fun and interactive.

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Dublin Date: May 17, 2018 Time: TBA - Alison Canavan


To register or for more info, e-mail events@zoomin.ie.