Defining Your Non-Negotiables: Setting boundaries that strengthen your resilience

Having the ability to set and maintain boundaries with others is vital to your well-being. Your job is not to please others; your job is to support your manager and so it’s up to you to make clear what behaviour is or is not acceptable from your colleagues. There will always be times when other people simply can’t or won’t act as you need, so you must understand what you will and won’t tolerate in a relationship. During this workshop, you will explore:

-Your top 10 non-negotiables

-How to feel empowered to set boundaries,  without confusing this with arrogance

-You are what you say – the power of using the most appropriate language to communicate your boundaries  

-Taking personal responsibility – how can you work to make a situation better – your boundaries aren’t anyone’s responsibility but your own

-Making a plan – the clearer and stronger you are in setting your boundaries, the more respectful and supportive your colleagues will be

-The profound benefits of practising gratitude

Siobhan will also discuss the CBT technique (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – how our thoughts affect our feelings and in turn how that triggers our behaviours. Identifying how this works can allow us to use simple tools to ensure we respond to situations with facts rather than reacting to situations based on thoughts.

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Dublin Date: May 18, 2018 Time: TBA - Siobhan Murray


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