We are proud to say that The Executive PA Forum is CPD Accredited.

What is the CPD Standards Accreditation?

The CPD Standards Office is recognised by an increasing number of universities, professional bodies, institutes and employers. Its mission is to improve the quality of CPD activities in the market place, and increase individual professional’s experiences of CPD activities.

The specific remit of the Office is to independently accredit training and learning activities for CPD purposes. Each activity submitted to the CPD Standards Office for formal assessment is carefully reviewed by our assessment team.

The assessment process considers the educational structure, learning value and design of content for each event or training, and ensures it adheres to the CPD guidelines and criteria that have emerged from comprehensive research into CPD.

Zoom In’s Executive PA Forum is assessed in line with a robust and recognised learning structure, which ensures high quality professional development in-line with industry requirements.

What does this mean for Forum delegates?

We can issue delegates with a certificate stating the number of points that a delegate has earned by attending the Forum.

The certificate can be used to demonstrate your individual commitment to CPD and proof of quality learning that has been undertaken.

Does your employer still need convincing that The Forum will be beneficial for you to attend?

Our business case request form will help you to explain to your boss and your organisation that attending the Executive PA Forum will be beneficial to your role. Please e-mail info@zoomin.ie and we will send the form to you.