The Executive PA Forum – Nov 3rd & 4th 2020

The Executive PA Forum – Ireland is hosted by Fiona and Aisling of Zoom In Conferencing & Events. We hosted the first Forum in 2010 as we realised there was a strong need for specific, role-relevant training and networking events for Ireland’s E.As/P.As and Office Support professionals. The role of the EA & PA has evolved considerably within this short time, and one of our many missions remains to prepare today’s Assistant for tomorrow’s world.

We have established ourselves as an expert on the P.A / E.A / Office support and administration profession. We consistently deliver content that enables our network to perform better in their roles, adding to their commercial knowledge and improving their existing professional and personal skill set.

The events we host for EA/PA and administrative professionals also allow them to grow their networks, socialise with like-minded professionals and have an outlet that complements their career.

We would love you to join us on November 3rd & 4th for the 2020 Executive PA Forum – if you cannot attend in person due to COVID-19, we are excited to share the Forum with you online, so you can log-in from anywhere in the world  – you can find all the details HERE

We have been instrumental in co-ordinating the development of the Association of Professional Administrators in Ireland (APAI), and we currently manage their events and work with them on attracting sponsorship.

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