Changing How You Do Things One Lightbulb Moment at a Time

It goes without saying that the role of an Assistant is one of trusted advisor who works to highest standards of confidentiality, discretion and diplomacy. It is also a key skill to be able to drive your Executive’s vision for your department and organisation. While working at senior leadership team level, Niamh ensures that key priorities are driven and tracked in line with the execution of the overall strategic plan. In this session, she will explore:

-Taking personal responsibility in your role
-Devising a communications plan with and for your Executive, and the wider team
-How to create focused and succinct Board reports – and how to re-invent those boring Board meetings!
-How you can influence and bring about change within your role, division or company – squashing the phrase ‘we’ve always done it this way’
-How to step in and do your Executives’ job, without stepping on their toes

Niamh Smithers Bio:
With a background as a banking analyst and operations administrator, Niamh took up her first role as an Executive Assistant over 8 years ago. Since then her career has gone from strength to strength as she worked her way up to become a member of the Chief Operating Officers, Senior Leadership Team at Ulster Bank.

She is extremely passionate about her career and recently achieved an Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA) awarded by Qualifi. This certificate has enhanced her skills and understanding of areas such as strategic thinking, corporate finance and HR

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