Transforming Your Mindset for Better Performance

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Darragh Hayes has been named Mr. Ireland, Mr. International Model, and Mr. Universe. As a celebrity model, he travelled all over the world and has been featured on television, in magazines and newspapers worldwide such as USA Today, Men’s Fitness, NBC, FOX, RTE, TV3 to name a few. As a coach and personal trainer in Dublin, he has helped hundreds of people transform their bodies but more importantly their mindset and ultimately their lives. In this workshop you will receive tangible, real world tips that you can take back into your personal and professional life. Darragh will cover learning how to:

-Protect yourself from stress and recognise the signs of burnout

-Fuel your mind and body for success through nutrition, exercise and meditation

-Balance all aspects of your life

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Dublin Date: May 18, 2018 Time: TBA - Darragh Hayes


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