The Strategic & Transformational Executive Assistant

Adam Fidler defines the role of an EA as someone who has to know the business thoroughly, have the competence to deal with strategic decisions, be able to lead, manage, and be solution-focussed with more autonomy and independence. Transforming your role from a transactional EA to a more strategic and managerial role requires self-belief as well as confidence – and this is what Assistants should be striving for.
As a champion of the EA role encompassing managerial and leadership qualities, Adam also believes you need to influence the organisation on your own merit and not the merits of the Executive you support.
Realising the impact you have in the organisation requires self-reflection and learning agility to critically evaluate your role in the business. So how do you find the self-belief to transform your role and get from good to outstanding? In this timely keynote session, Adam will explore:
-Why today’s EAs are not Business Partners, but Business Managers
-Becoming a business leader, enabler and business manager in your own right
-Gaining prestige, leadership and achievement through personal impact
-Why authentic leadership is paramount to your success
-Reverse Mentoring to create a better Boss/EA dynamic
-Adam Fidler’s EA Success Factors

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