Communication/Collaboration Skills & Team Building through Improvisation

Question – Why does it seem more difficult to problem solve with fellow like-minded people as time goes on, as we get better and more experienced at what we do?
Answer – Before there can be fair and equal collaboration there must be similarly fair and equal communication. The solution is to re-learn what we instinctively know…how to communicate with our entire selves, selflessly, creatively, for a common good…and have a good time doing it.
 In this energetic session, John will use a variety of amusing theatre/improvisation games and thought-provoking exercises. Participants explore, through improvisational game playing and exercises, the following components:Connection, Concentration, Communication, and Creative collaboration.
These four ‘C’s are the bedrock to building an environment that is entirely equal, creative and collaborative, and that can be applied immediately in your day-to-day routine.

Location: CONFERENCE SESSION Date: May 9, 2016 Time: - JOHN DAWSON